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We have an amazing Goldendoodle!I spent a lot of time researching them before we decided to take the leap and purchase one. We ended up finding a litter advertised in our local paper as F1's in a nearby town. We were so excited and rushed to see them. It ended up being nothing more than a puppy mill. The puppies were filthy, no parents on site etc. We were about to leave when we spotted the scrawniest puppy sitting in the corner shaking. As soon as we looked into her eyes, we knew we had to take her or she would surely die there. There wasn't an ounce of fat on her, poor thing. Anyway, after a visit to the vet and treatments for parasites, serious ear infection and a good cleaning, she has grown into the most incredible dog anyone could ask for. Healthy as a horse, extremely loveable and loyal, smart as a whip and always eager to please. Goldendoodles are everything you hear and more.

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They even can be taught to enjoy swimming, just like the Poodle and the Golden Retrievers who normally love water.

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Coconut oil contains lauric acid, one of those good fats we are always in search of.

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" "Ruby is everything we could've hoped for!She is 50 lbs right now and very tall.

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Literally, there is nothing we would change about him.