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These dogs need a big, safely enclosed area in which to romp and run around. They also benefit from daily walks. Many Goldendoodles are instinctively attracted to water and love to swim. Running, swimming, playing, walking or otherwise romping for several hours a day will keep a Goldendoodle mentally and physically fit. Because it is such a young “breed,” the behavioral traits of the Goldendoodle are not yet well characterized. Certainly, if left unattended in a crate or elsewhere for long periods of time, a Goldendoodle will become bored and lonely, and may become depressed and destructive.

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One has only to look at the wide variety of shapes and sizes to see that there's a lot of diversity within the dog species.

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He loves being outdoors and has a very adventurous spirit.

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Her lovely color and great temperament have made her a bit of a celebrity in the neighborhood.

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Their intelligence, remember since they are a hybrid between two of the most intelligent breeds eagerness to please, and love of learning make them very easy to train.